About us


The core organizing team for the Fridays for Future Global Climate Strike and March is a motley crew of about 20 volunteers – young, middling and old. We meet every second Thursday.

We are held together by a belief that we need the people of Ottawa and Gatineau to rise up and come together in great numbers in order to demonstrate that we are greatly concerned about the climate emergency. We want our political leaders and governments to step up with urgent collective action to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees and protect populations from climate risks. If you are a youth or Indigenous person who is passionate about climate action and want to join the core organizing team, please contact us at info@fridaysforfutureottawa.org .

The organizing strategy for the Ottawa-Gatineau march is based on a snow flake model of organizing. We are seeking out local leaders and mobilizers in all organizations, schools, churches, community groups, networks, businesses, unions. If you want to step up and can volunteer to be the local mobilizer for your group/organization, please complete the contact form.